Forever Came Calling in Van Accident

Forever Came Calling

Forever Came Calling were involved in a van accident yesterday. A GoFundMe page has been set up for donations.

After finishing up a great tour with Major League and Sudden Suspension, early yesterday morning our van was struck by a semi truck while it was parked in St. Louis. The truck dragged the van up the street before stopping, ripping apart the front end and warping the front axle. Thankfully, no one was in the van and no one was hurt in the accident. Unfortunately, the van is most likely totalled. Although the van was insured, that will not cover the cost to rent a vehicle to start and finish our run with Man Overboard or to purchase a vehicle for future touring. We do everything we can to be a self sufficient unit, but this accident caught us by complete surprise. Making this tour happen pushed the band to our personal financial limits. That’s why we’d like to ask for your help. Any size donation helps and will go straight to helping us finish our current tour and staying on the road in the future.