Fortune Cove – “Direction”

Fortune Cove, previously known as Harbours, recently dropped a new single called “Direction.” Listening to the single was my first introduction to the band. It was until high school when I started to dive into the pop-punk scene now and while I feel like it might be a genre that I’ve mostly grown out of, “Direction” has an energy to it that I couldn’t ignore.

The opening of the song lets you know right away that there’s a struggle with motivation. It’s one that’s easily relatable not only in music but in all walks of life. “Give me some direction” doesn’t exactly sound like a plea for help with the way the vocal melody goes, but the uncertainty is clearly there. “Direction” is upbeat by all means, but it’s almost like when you’re forcing yourself to do something even though you aren’t quite motivated to do it. You just try to make the best of it anyway.

Right off the bat, the guitars hit my ears and I knew that at least part of this song would be sticking with me. Once the full band kicks in, everything amps up as they hook you in. If you’re looking for some new pop-punk to check out, don’t sleep on Fortune Cove. I think their debut album will have some more catchy songs in store for everyone.