Gatsbys American Dream Launch GoFundMe for Tour Manager’s Daughter


Gatsbys American Dream have launched a GoFundMe to support cancer treatment for the daughter of Billy Darling, tour manager for the band and brother to Bobby.

Band Statement

To encounter Billy Darling is to receive an unexampled experience – he is rare and special, a human beacon.  Most of you probably encountered Billy when he was merchandising, tour and stage managing for us all those years back.  
Now after touring, Billy gives an unexampled experience as a father to two beautiful daughters.  His eldest, Leighton was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and her road ahead is longer than any we as a band ever toured.  

We’re asking for all of you to come together as our musical community and family with donations of $25 each or whatever you are able to afford at this time that will be used for any financial burden Leighton and her family amass going forward.  In order to accommodate, we’ll leave the window open for the next month for both single or multiple donations.  

Thank you for all of your support over time.  
Although we’re sonically dormant, our appreciation is very much awake and alive and now is a moment where we can all unify under a common acknowledgement of helping Leighton.

Take care of each other:
Bobby, Nic, Kirk, Rudy, Ryan, Kyle