Glassjaw ‘Coloring Book’ EP Arrives on Vinyl

Glassjaw’s Coloring Book EP has come to all streaming services and gets a unique vinyl pressing. The full press release can be found below.

Glassjaw released their beloved Coloring Book Extended Play on February 13, 2011. This past Saturday, February 13, 2021, to mark its ten-year anniversary, they made it available on streaming services for the first time. The EP, meant as a preview to their third LP which never came to fruition after the well-documented turmoil that came to a head with their label at the time, was initially given away exclusively on the band's tour in March 2011. It has since become an elusive artifact from Glassjaw's past, deeply embedded into the fanfare and mystery of the post-hardcore legend's history. 

Today's announcement/release comes with a new video from the EP for "Gold." Directed by Torey Champagne and originallyrecorded ten years ago, the video features the A-Team Step Group, who were New York's premiere step team at the time. The almost lost footage is spliced with more recent Glassjaw performances to the backdrop of an array of colors. 

Glassjaw, consistent trailblazers with innovative marketing and products, offered the Coloring Book EP vinyl package as different colored discs to construct a full 12-inch vinyl, each size made to be interchangeable to make as many as 120 different combinations of the same record. They've been sitting on a limited batch of those records and, as part of the ten-year anniversary, will be releasing them today - February 15.