Green Day Launches Punk Bunny Coffee

Green Day

Green Day have announced the launch of Punk Bunny Coffee and a new partnership with Keurig.

As they prepare to embark on a global stadium tour in support of their new album Saviors (Warner Records), global rock superstars, Green Day – Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool – announced the launch of Punk Bunny Coffee. The new brand builds on the core values of the Oakland Coffee brand, established a decade ago, to provide carefully curated organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee with an emphasis on sustainability and community. Punk Bunny Coffee by Green Day is available now at and 

Today, Punk Bunny Coffee also announced a new partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) to join the Keurig K-Cup® Pod System, making Punk Bunny Coffee available to more than 40 million U.S. households with a Keurig brewer. As part of the band and KDP’s shared commitment to sustainability, Punk Bunny K-Cup pods will be the first to launch the full flavor portfolio – Father of All...Dark Roasts, Soundcheck, Last Ride In and Light Club – with easy-peel lids to prepare pods for recycling.

Mike Dirnt explained, “For years, our band has been immersed in making damn good organic coffees with a strong focus on sustainability. Now in our 10th year, we are launching our new brand, Punk Bunny Coffee, and are proud to announce that we have been working closely in partnership with Keurig and support their sustainability innovations. Get ready to get ‘Hopped up on Punk Bunny Coffee.’”

“Green Day brings the same legendary passion they bring to their music to their work creating distinctive Fair Trade Certified coffee built on community from source to cup,” said Ben Yoder, Vice President of Coffee Partners, Keurig Dr Pepper. “With the launch of Punk Bunny Coffee in recyclable K-Cup pods, fans will have more ways to connect with their musical heroes through a great cup of coffee, brewed at the push of a button. Plus, Punk Bunny Coffee in your Keurig brewer is a far better option than ‘409 in your coffeemaker’.”  

In 2023, the band decided to create a new coffee brand that would take things to the next level. Bringing Adam Devine, Rachael Ray and other friends as investors, they tapped consumer packaging goods experts Richard and Paul Smucker Wagstaff as investors, advisors and board members. In the fall of 2023, the guys landed on their iconic Bunny as the face of the brand and Punk Bunny Coffee was born. Oakland Coffee products were manufactured by a third-party Bay Area-based roaster, but Mike, Billie Joe, and Tre wanted to have more control over their roasts. After a search spearheaded by Embassy Park Advisors, Oakland Coffee merged with Caruso Foods, an Ohio-based premier specialty family-run coffee roaster.

Billie Joe Armstrong said, “I’m stoked to be an owner of a very cool specialty coffee roasting company here in the U.S. And grateful for our co-owners and the amazing people who help us blend badass coffee, just how we like it. It’s going to be a big year for Green Day. We’ll be playing shows across the globe and Punk Bunny coffee will be fueling the way, backstage and on our busses.”

Tré Cool confessed, “Every morning, first thing I think about, is getting a little Punk Bunny inside me.”

Paul Smucker Wagstaff, former President of Smucker and 5th Generation Smucker family member said, “The combination of our CPG Food expertise, the Caruso platform and Green Day’s ability to promote products and make connections in the entertainment industry has the company positioned to grow meaningfully over the next several years. We expect to pursue joint ventures and acquisitions as we venture into new product categories. We believe by bringing incredible fair trade organic coffee and the connectivity of the music industry we can be the coffee for music lovers everywhere.”

Dominic Caruso, CEO of Caruso Foods, noted, “We worked closely with the band to develop blends of Fair Trade Certified Organic Arabica beans roasted to four distinct roast profiles. The four blends are available in 12-oz. ground valve bags with the darkest item also available whole bean. The band and the Caruso’s share a common set of core values focused on hard work, a love of family and great coffee. We fully expect this brand to become the rock star of the coffee section in retailers across the country and beyond.”  

Michael Caruso, COO of Caruso Foods, added, “Our entire team has worked tirelessly to capture in the brand the energy we have witnessed over the years watching Green Day entertain the world. We are thrilled to share Punk Bunny Coffee with the world. The values and work ethic of everyone on the Caruso Foods team will provide a path for growth, success, and excitement today and in the future. We could not be prouder of what we have started and could not be more excited about what we as a team want to accomplish and the legacy we want to leave behind.”  

Green Day and Punk Bunny’s Fueled by Love Initiative will take a portion of profits from every bag or pod of Punk Bunny Coffee sold and distribute it equally to this year’s charity partners: One Tree Planted, Oceana, Keep Memory Alive, Eat. Learn. Play, and the Ron Finley Project. Earlier this year, Punk Bunny Coffee was introduced to attendees of The GRAMMY Awards® and the EA Superbowl event and was made available for pre-order to Green Day and Oakland Coffee fans.

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray and John Cusimano, who are investors in Punk Bunny Coffee, said, “When we wake up in the morning or need a little pick me up later in the day, we always want Punk Bunny Coffee in our cups. Green Day makes coffee blends with the same love and attention as when they make music. Punk Bunny ROCKS!”

Actor Adam Devine, who is also an Investor in the brand, added, “One of the reasons I have befriended the guys from Green Day is we all have the same dilemma. During a full moon, we transform into a Punk Bunny. Very hairy. Very Punk. Instead of shame, we’ve decided to embrace it by making a coffee about it. PUNK BUNNY! If you drink three cups of PBC, a Punk Bunny will appear and grant you wishes, but be careful what you ask for…”

Look for the Punk Bunny to turn up in unexpected locations this summer. Get updates HERE