Hellogoodbye – “A Reminder to Me”


Hellogoodbye have released the song “A Reminder to Me” on streaming platforms. The release features the 2010 recording and a new acoustic rendition as well. Forrest detailed the song on Instagram.

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A Reminder To Me (2010) – available for immediate download with a WIKY 10 Year Anniversary Livestream ticket & soon on all major streaming platforms! . Recorded in 2010 at the Phantom Tollbooth and played live acoustically a few times, I'm happy to see this frenetic and energetic recording out in the wild. I've always thought of songs as reminders to myself. Whenever i have a useful sentiment, i try to put it down in song so i never forget it. In some ways this song is a song about songs :) . I forget most everything Nothing seems to stick I keep on making memories But most of them just slip . I tried to hard to keep it in my heart The way I feel today But I worry by tomorrows start The facts will fade away . So this is a reminder To me . If I ever made you sad I might break in half I worry sometimes I have had More that I should have . I went outside and I felt the sun And at first I wanted more But it burned my skin and I was done And I went back indoors . So this is a reminder To me . If your love should one day stop At worst Id wish you well But if we did the same to god He'd send us all to hell So I can't help but feel Supposing he were real He's just as much a mess As any one of us ands we're not all that rad But at least we're feeling bad . This is a reminder to me

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