Kississippi – “Around Your Room” Video

Kississippi has returned with a video for the new single “Around Your Room.”

When the world first heard Kississippi, it was vocalist Zoe Reynolds’ brooding vocals and darkly-textured indie rock that first caught attention. Songs like “Cut Yr Teeth” from her 2018 debut album Sunset Blush further amplified that this young Philly-based artist was not one to miss.

But as the years passed, Zoe’s life took her through a whirlwind of ups and downs, and soon she started finding more catharsis in the sweet-sounding pop of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift. These influences carefully weaved their way into the writing sessions that she spent much of 2019 in, and now Kississippi’s full pop transition shines for all to see on her latest single, “Around Your Room.”

“This song tells a story of yearning and infatuation,” Zoe explains. “It's about being hopelessly enamored in a way that took me back to my youthful perception of love. It represents those moments where you’re fully infatuated with someone and they’re all you can think about.”

So if listening to “Around Your Room” feels like you’re laying in your bed, twisting your hair, doe-eyed and daydreaming––that’s on purpose. “I’ve written about love in a cynical manner in the past and this song was written as a reminder of the magic and euphoria that comes with it.”

Reynolds’ hushed but courageous soprano whispers tales that immediately nestle and lodge themselves in your heart. Since 2014, she has been making music under the Kississippi moniker, but her debut full-length Sunset Blush represented a significant change for the artist. Following a series of demo releases and EPs including the 2016 standout We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, Reynolds had finally found her voice, calling the album an honest recognition of the music she always wanted to make.

Now, with her forthcoming Triple Crown Records debut due out sometime in 2021, Kississippi will use that voice to once again let the world know just what she’s made of.