Matt Pond PA Planning New Album

Matt Pond

Matt Pond PA have a new album on the way and to tie us over they’ve released some new demos on Noise Trade. The full announcement can be found below.

Hello. We’ve decided to put on our rock and roll shoes and start playing shows again. The reason, the point and the purpose is to celebrate the thrill and humble triumph of our absolute independence. (Let’s please high-five, face-to-face in December.)

Further, we’re on the verge of releasing new music. But before that, we’d like to take a brief aural look into the past. A slew of these demos span the last eight years, while the rest will eventually stretch a good distance into the future. Some are thought out with Chris Hansen at the helm. Others are modest fumblings, all-night wrestling matches with GarageBand and pitch-black, cold coffee.

Simply, the Fawns are everything that’s out of reach. Silhouettes I’ve loved, apparitions I’ve lionized from the corner of my eye. Mostly, they are, were and will always be an ideal. Wildness, willingness, innocence and knowledge. Pure energy. These are the relentless visions that keep forcing me back to my guitar and in an attempt to connect with the rest of the world.

Thank you for listening to these fever dreams.

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