Name Taken Share 2007 Demo

Name Taken have shared a demo from 2007 on streaming platforms. The band shared this about the song:

Well, we aren’t here often. But when we are, we try to bring good news. At our “reunion” show in 2007 we played some songs we had written after Hold On. Also in 2007, we recorded some demos at our house on a bad laptop with literally no idea what we were doing. Hence the relatively poor quality. We pretty much forgot their existence with time. Recently Chad and Ryan (this is Blake) reminded me how much we enjoyed one particular song, “Nanking”. We all listened to it again and agreed that even though the sound is pretty darn rough unless you’re listening on nice headphones or speakers, let’s just let you all enjoy it (or not). So, you can now enjoy ”Nanking 2007 Home Demo” on Spotify and pretty much every other platform. Enjoy! (Or don’t, who cares)