Neverkept Sign With Epitaph

Epitaph Records

Neverkept have signed with Epitaph Records.

Epitaph Records welcomes Philadelphia-based pop-rock band Neverkept. “Incredibly grateful to say we’re a part of the Epitaph family,” says the band. “To find a home within a team that truly supports all of our visions has become a dream turned reality. Excited for this beginning.”

Longtime friends, Dorian Cooke (vocals), Jay Miller (guitar), Aaron Mong (guitar), Neale DiMento (bass), and Pete Adams (drums), founded Neverkept with the intention of doing something different from their previous projects, wanting to dig deeper into more mature lyrical themes and complex musical structures. Their mission is to sing about the parts of life that are often difficult to speak about, rupturing taboos around mental illness and other fraught social topics, while always keeping their eyes trained on hope. Today, the band move towards achieving their goals with their new single “Complicated,” which captures the simultaneous frustration and exhilaration of a relationship that always feels close to working but never quite does.