Noah Gundersen and Rocky Votolato Release Live 7″

Noah Gundersen

Rocky Votolato and Noah Gundersen have teamed up for a Live On Lacquer live 7″ release. The pressing is limited to 500 and up for sale now on Bandcamp.

Live On Lacquer preserves music in a way that is timeless and genuine. Much like the way records were made in the mid-20th century, these songs are captured live and cut in real-time onto lacquer discs with our 1940’s Scully vinyl lathe. Once cut, the lacquer masters are immediately sent off for plating and pressing. Each song is recorded in one take with no editing, allowing for the truest expression of the artist’s performance to be captured. The recording method used here is 100% analog and retains a level of humanity and imperfection often lost in modern digital productions.