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Nothing, Nowhere Postponing Tour

Nothing, Nowhere is postponing all upcoming tour dates due to a vocal chord issue. You can read a statement from Joe Mulherin below via Instagram.

before i say all of this i want to first off thank my brothers @jayxvee_ @lilxlotus @ihateshinigami for joining me on tour – my live band @thegnarlyneighbor @tw_drums and my whole team for supporting me and being amazing friends. – i've been thinking about the concept of gratitude lately – and how humans have a tendency to take things for granted; even something as simple as the ability to use your voice. i never really considered the possibility of losing mine, but sure enough that is precisely what has happened to me. yesterday at the hospital i was told that i have chronic laryngitis and a hemorrhaged vocal fold filled with blood. that basically just means my vocal chords are fucked up from a number of things. i got sick on tour once again, and performed on weak vocal chords for too many nights, resulting in substantial damage. – and so the heartbreaking news: i've been advised by multiple doctors and my vocal coach to stop the rest of this tour. my initial reaction was to fight this and to perform regardless, and i tried – but after seeing the diagnosis and being educated on the severity of my condition i realize that there is nothing i can do to change this. it was either this, or push through and risk not having a career from a permanently damaged voice. i'm at least grateful that i was able to catch this right before i would have needed surgery. – lastly, i want to say that this headlining run has been the most inspiring thing i've ever been apart of. to meet all of you and to see real connections being formed through music is unbelievable. i can't even formulate the words to express how thankful i am to all of you for supporting me and changing my life. thank you for all of your kind messages, your artwork, hugs and love – it makes me feel worthwhile and optimistic about the future. – i am going to be meeting with my team to devise a plan moving forward and i will be back soon. the reaper always comes back.

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