Origami Angel – “Fruit Wine”

Origami Angel have returned with the new song “Fruit Wine.”

Prepare yourself to be disappointed––that is, if you expected Origami Angel to do anything other than flex on new single out on Counter Intuitive Records today, "Fruit Wine." 

It's actually a bit maddening how infrequently the DC two-piece miss; here, vocalist/guitarist Ryland Heagy and drummer Pat Doherty glitch between 90s radio rock and wall-of-death-inducing breakdowns to deliver an arena-sized anthem all their own. The duo tapped Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Movements, The Wonder Years) to bring "Fruit Wine" to life, and it's a byte-sized sample of a monumental masterpiece still to come.
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Origami Angel want to be the best like no one ever was, and so far, it seems like very little is going to stand in their way. 

Over the last few years, the duo has released some of the most exciting music to come out of the emo/pop-punk scene in years, and they're doing it their own way. Their 2019 LP, Somewhere City, has been called one of the best emo albums of the last 15 years by Consequence and their song "Doctor Whomst" called one of the 100 best emo songs of all time by Vulture. 

From that point forward, the duo has consistently reinvented expectations year-after-year––starting with 2021's massive double-LP, GAMI GANG,a pair of contrasting EPs in 2022 called re:turnand DE:PART, and a 2023 East Coast summer mixtape,The Brightest DaysTogether, Heagy and Doherty are truly setting the tone for what the next decade of emo will sound like.