Recommendation: Elevation Labs’ Anchor

I wrote about Elevation Labs’ “Headphone Anchor” when they were doing their Kickstarter campaign. Last week my order showed up. Since my new computer came last week as well, I decided it was a good time to clean out my office and work on decluttering. I installed the new headphone anchor under my desk and so far it’s been brilliant. I love having my headphones at arms reach without them sitting out on the desk. The anchor’s adhesive feels strong and secure but I used two tiny screws to double down on security. If you’ve got a home office and are looking for a good, simple, solution to storing your headphones — I’d definitely recommend picking one up.

The Anchor

One of the downsides to moving from a MacPro to an iMac is that I lost the extra headphone output. I used to be able to keep my speakers and headphones both plugged in at the same time and use the software to select which one got the juice. Given that the iMac only has one such output, I didn’t love the idea of having to run two wires up to the back of the computer and then fiddle around behind it anytime I wanted to move between the two. I ended up finding a small little switch that I could install under my desk that takes both inputs, allows me to hide the cords, and then lets me flip between the two just by reaching down and flicking the switch. This has the added benefit of letting me feel like I’m Bruce Wayne flipping a secret button and accessing the Batcave.

After a weekend of work, I feel like my office and life is finally organized in a good spot. I was able to tackle all the hardware and software stuff at once, and now it’s time to get to work.