Reggie and the Full Effect Announce New Album; Stream New Song

Pre-orders for Reggie and the Full Effect’s new album, 41, are now up. The album will be released on February 23rd. The first single is “The Horrible Year.”

Track Listing

  1. il Sniffy Incontra
  2. il Pesce Svedese
  3. Alone Again
  4. Broke Down
  5. Heartbreak
  6. Karate School
  7. The Horrible Year
  8. New Years Day
  9. Maggie
  10. Channing Tatum Space Rollerblading Montage Music (feat Fluxuation)
  11. You’ve Got Secrets
  12. Trap(ing) Music (feat Common Denominator)
  13. And Next with Feeling
  14. Off Delaware