Terminal Gets Pressed

Tooth and Nail Records

Terminal’s How the Lonely Keep is getting a vinyl pressing. It’ll be live at 10 AM PST.

To close out 2022’s epic vinyl reissue campaign, we are elated to bring you one of the most fan-requested titles in Tooth & Nail Records’ history: Terminal’s 2005 album How The Lonely Keep!

Collaborated with & approved by frontman Travis Bryant, and specifically requested by Brandon Ebel when he was hanging with the boys at Furnace Fest ‘21, this remastered-for-vinyl reissue will have you cheering!

While this is technically a "pre-order", How The Lonely Keep LPs will be out the door quicker than ever, expected to ship by December 16th in time for the holidays. Get ready to smash that pre-order button tomorrow at 10 PST!