The Juliana Theory’s ‘Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat’ Getting Re-Pressed

The Juliana Theory’s Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat will be getting a vinyl reissue. Pre-orders begin on Saturday, July 16th over at Mind Over Matter Records.

Pressing Information

25 Test Presses
524 Clear w/ Silver Color-In-Color & Blue Splatter, Clear w/ Gold Color-In-Color & Green Splatter

Originally released back in 2005 on CD only, the final album from The Juliana Theory is finally seeing the light of day! Pressed as a Deluxe 10 Year Anniversary edition (yeah, we know it is actually 11 years…but we’ve been working on it for well over a year!), this pressing includes the following specs:

– Double LP
– A quad gatefold printed on thick, matte cardstock. It opens up to over 4 feet long!
– The entire gatefold sits inside of a custom, hand-made slip-cover to replicate the original deluxe CD version! The slip cover is screen printed & hand assembled.
– Each copy is hand-numbered out of 524 copies
– We were able to resurrect the original audio for 4 long-lost b-sides that were originally only available as DVD audio on a limited CD pressing
– Ultra thick lyric sheet that includes lyrics for the bonus tracks as well!
– A foreword from Josh Fiedler, guitarist for The Juliana Theory
– A unique take on the “hidden track” feature on Side C