Thrice Releasing Revisited ‘The Artist in the Ambulance’


A re-recorded version of Thrice’s The Artist in the Ambulance has hit streaming services abroad. It looks like it’ll be released everywhere tomorrow. I’ll update this post when, and if, we get more information.

UPDATE • Feb 1, 2023

The album is now out on all streaming platforms, and pre-orders and merch are up.

Track Listing

  1. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
  2. Under a Killing Moon (feat. Sam Carter of Architects)
  3. All That’s Left
  4. Silhouette
  5. Stare at the Sun (feat. Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra)
  6. Paper Tigers (feat. Ryan Osterman of Holy Fawn)
  7. Hoods on Peregrine (feat. Brian McTernan of Be Well)
  8. The Melting Point of Wax
  9. Blood Clots and Black Holes (feat. Hot Water Music)
  10. The Artist in the Ambulance
  11. The Abolition of Man (feat. Mike Minnick of Curl Up and Die)
  12. Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask