1/13/24 (Ten Songs)


Ten songs is a weekly playlist from Jason Tate featuring songs enjoyed over the previous week. It is included in every edition of the Liner Notes newsletter and is free to sign up for via email.

This playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Ten Songs

  1. Yellowcard + Hammock – Ocean Avenue
  2. Anson Seabra – Past Tense
  3. Casey – Sanctimonious
  4. Cosmic Joke – Kamikaze
  5. Good Hangs – I Only Do Pushups When I’m Drunk
  6. Sigur Ros – Blooberg
  7. The Young Hearts – Take a Ride
  8. Alkaline Trio – Bad Time
  9. Scott Sellers – Caught by the Wind
  10. Chad Perrone – Conversations with Ghosts
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