Review: A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher

A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher

Many bands who release an album after a long hiatus inevitably disappoint. Expectations are too high, inspiration isn’t what it once was, and momentum is lost. Partycrasher is a boot to the face of every flat late-career release that preceded this one. “Why’d I take so long to break these chains around me?” The band soon answers the opening self-imposed question with an admission in “Boat Builders”: “I admit I’ve been bored, I’ve been lazy.” The next 10 tracks serve as more than an adequate apology, as A Wilhelm Scream has stuck yet another jaw-dropping middle finger to the competition.

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Review: A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide

A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide

Career Suicide my ass. A Wilhelm Scream will still be sitting atop a throne of insanely fast riffs, in-your-face lyrics and basslines that actually matter. If you recently found yourself listening to Ruiner and thinking, “There’s no way they can do better than this,” well, shows how much you know. Slap yourself for lack of faith. I’ll wait… But seriously (I do serious?), Career Suicide finds A Wilhelm Scream trying their capable hands at some longer, but still pretty punk tracks. Calm down, everything works just fine. In fact, the album flows so well that I challenge you to only play it in bits and pieces. I challenge you to listen to opener, “I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz,” and not get excited all over again about one of the most solid bands making music today.

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