Acceptance Delay a Few Upcoming Shows


Acceptance have decided to delay a few upcoming shows.

Friends, in the midst of what is a horrific and historic tragedy in Orlando, we also had a substantial loss closer to home. The days have been long for the Acceptance family as of late. Earlier this week, our brother and guitarist, Kaylan, lost his mother to her battle with cancer. Time seems to be moving just a bit slower as we mourn with Kaylan and his family for a cherished mother, wife, and grandmother. Always, Lori was open arms and the warm, motherly smile each of us needs so much. Her light was one that only emanates from the biggest of hearts filled with the most unshakable love. We ask that you forgive us, but we need to postpone our shows this weekend in Orlando, Atlanta, and Nashville.

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Review: Acceptance – Phantoms

Acceptance - Phantoms

It’s ironic that such a great summer album leaked online a month after the summer of 2004 was over. Now, in April 2005, Acceptance’s debut full-length Phantoms is about to become the mainstream summer hit of 2005. There’s a lot of pressure on this album to sell. A major label debut for a band with no proven mainstream success? A ballad (“Different”) being marketed as the first single? An album leak 6 months before the street release? A lot of questions have been raised regarding this band, but Acceptance has created an album to silence the doubters. Acceptance’s brand of catchy, emotional pop-rock stands out from the pack with killer hooks and stunning vocals. This band is about to take over the airwaves.

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Interview: Kaylan Cloyd of Acceptance


So Phantoms came out a few months ago.

About five months ago. Well, April 26th.

Ok, yeah, that’s five months. So how has life been since then? How has life changed?

How has it changed? I don’t know necessarily that it’s changed. For us, I think, we’ve all been anticipating finally having a full length record out and having it, since we had the EP out and we toured on it for so long. That was like a collection of songs, I mean, some of those were really, really old songs, even at that time we recorded them. For us, the change is just being able to get out there and play stuff that we feel, that we wrote together as a band. With that record, everybody in the band now was there when we made it. Our other songs before, people came into the band after the fact and stuff. We’re just excited that we get to play something that we created. As far as life, I’m not sure how much life has changed. We’re still living in the RV, living in here and on tour all the time. It’s kind of similar, we just get to play different songs now.

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Interview: Acceptance


Is there any significance behind the name Acceptance?

We are suppose to have a better story. But we actually played our first show without a name. And then someone just said acceptance and it stuck. We tried to change it but its hard to get all of us to agree on one thing, so we decided it wasn’t a big deal even though there was a lot of cliché band names coming out. 

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