Taking Back Sunday Share Origins of “Bike Scene”

Taking Back Sunday

John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday talked with Consequence about “Bike Scene:”

“Bike Scene” was the first song that was named by looking at the cable guide channel at 2:00 a.m. to find interesting titles. Adam and I saw that there was [an episode of the motorcycle show American Thunder] called “Monterey Peninsula Bike Scene” on and felt that had to be the name of a song. It was eventually shortened to “Bike Scene,” and I still regret it.

Review: Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

It’s pretty amazing to think of just how much the music scene has changed in a short 20 years time. During the “emo boom” of the early 00’s, it seemed like every major label was falling over themselves in order to sign the next big thing in music and cash in on the interest in the punk/emo scene. There seemed to be a bigger buzz online in several key music website communities that you could sort of feel, or at least get a basic pulse, of when that next band was poised to make a big splash on the music landscape. As much as has been written about the tumultuous relationship Victory Records had with their bands and their contracts, I figured I’d focus the majority of this retrospective on the beauty of the music that Taking Back Sunday has left us with. Tell All Your Friends was one of those electric records that was destined to be huge, immediate, and make the listener feel like they were a part of something that belonged to them. I remember hearing of Taking Back Sunday for the first time in college when a friend of mine had just “discovered” a new band that he described as a mix between hardcore, punk, and anthemic pop that he thought I’d be into. What I wasn’t expecting was for this band to open up a gateway of possibilities of where my music tastes would gravitate towards for the foreseeable future.

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