Allie X Talks Creative Process Behind ‘Cape God’

Allie X talked with Mike Nied over at Idolator:

I just had the lyrics and the melody to the verse of “Fresh Laundry” in my head. I sang it a cappella and Oscar just started playing that baseline in the verse. It just took shape. By the end of the day this new sound had evolved. And I was like “this feels really fresh and really interesting.” So in the days following we kept working with that palette of sounds. And we wrote “Rings A Bell,” and we wrote “Regulars.” At the end of that trip I was like “shit. This is good.”

Allie X Teams Up With Vérité

Allie X and Vérité have teamed up for a new remix of “Casanova.” The song is now up on Spotify and Apple Music. They also both sat down to talk with Idolator about the song and the state of pop music:

And I think the advice I would give to someone is pretty much persistence. Some people are fortunate for it to work out right away, but in most cases you just have to chip away for a long time. Really look into yourself. Find your sound. Don’t listen to other people unless it makes sense to you in your gut. But yeah, just go, go, go go go and don’t give up.

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