How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews


Lauren Dragan, writing for The Wirecutter:

The compensated-review process is simple: Businesses paid to create dummy accounts purchase products from Amazon and write four- and five-star reviews. Buying the product makes it tougher for Amazon to police the reviews, because the reviews are in fact based on verified purchases. The dummy accounts buy and review all sorts of things, and some of the more savvy pay-for-review sites even have their faux reviewers pepper in a few negative reviews of products made and sold by brands that aren’t clients to create a sense of “authenticity.”

Amazon Working on Bob Dylan TV Series

Bob Dylan

Cynthia Littleton, writing for Variety, on a TV series in the work inspired by Bob Dylan songs:

Lionsgate TV is closing in on a deal with Amazon for an hourlong drama series inspired by characters and themes from Bob Dylan’s vast archive of songs.

“Time Out of Mind” will be spearheaded by writer-director Josh Wakely, who managed to secure the wide-ranging rights deal for Dylan’s song catalog. The project, which is in the early stage of development, will be produced through Wakely’s Sydney-based Grace production banner.

A Bunch of Free Downloads Are Up on Amazon


Amazon has a whole lot of digital albums up for free download. Stuff like Augustana, Brand New, Say Anything, and Boys Like Girls. At first I thought this was some weird “sign up for our whatever program and then get the albums in our proprietary format” thing. Nope. I downloaded a zip file full of mp3s for that Augustana album as a test.1

Update: Not sure if this was an error on Amazon’s part or if there was a limit on the albums available, but the selection seems to have been cut immensely.

  1. Seriously, if you don’t have that album, get it.