Bad Religion

Bad Religion

Bad Religion Gearing Up for New Music

Greg Graffin talked with Las Vegas Weekly and mentioned that Bad Religion are gearing up for a new album:

Speaking of Bad Religion, he confirms that the band is “definitely gearing up for a new album,” since it has been more than four years since the release of its last LP, True North. (“Our fans are getting itchy,” he laughs.) Graffin is also working on a novel proposal based around a complex, evolution-based query.

Greg Graffin Talks New Album, Next Bad Religion Album

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion talked with the OC Register:

“I wanted to write a secular gospel song,” he said. “The greatest thing about religion is the music, if you ask me. People ask me ‘What’s a good religion, you’re always so dedicated to bad religion.’ I don’t know, but it’s one that has a lot of good music because that’s what seems to live on, for me at least. I thought I’d put some words to something that’s purely humanistic and puts the power for change in humanity instead of a supernatural deity. I think it’s a timely song and I hope it resonates with people, but it retains its flavor of everything that’s good about religion, which is music.”