Review: Booze Radly – Lose, Badly

I’d like to introduce everyone to Booze Radly. This Philadelphia-based, five-piece emo/punk band is comprised of Alex Manescu (Guitar/Vocals), Dylan Molloy (keyboard/vocals), Vince Dejesus (Guitar), Youssef Moussa (Bass), and Peter Sovia (Drums). On their latest EP, entitled Lose, Badly, they take the best parts of “loser rock” and re-package it in a meaningful way that makes you ultimately root for their success. This band sounds like a mixture between Gob, Homegrown, and Weezer, all put into a blender to see what drink you’re ready to consume.

They kick things off with their lead single, “White Guy Emo,” that features some nice guest vocals from Gabby Relos to layer out their vocal attack. Manescu opens with, “First loves never really fade away / But how interesting is that for us to say / You know I’m tired and it’s a chore / But these songs keep coming cause all we are is bored,” as he captures that teenage, punk rock spirit in a nutshell. Other songs like the frenetic “Hydro Illogical” find Booze Radly experimenting with bratty vocals paired with a mosh pit-ready anthem, while “Crash and Burn” keeps the interest level high in this punk band’s attack.

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