Dayaway – “Beach 90th” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m excited to share the latest single from dream-pop artist named Dayaway, and the track is called “Beach 90th.” With a style that strays somewhere between the dreamy pop of Tennis and the heartfelt synth rock of Beach House, Dayaway is on the cusp for superstardom. Their debut single, called “Cool Water,” has already racked up over one million streams on Spotify, and earned key placements on several noteworthy playlists. On the latest single, Dayaway shared, “It’s a bit of a vulnerable song about regret and second chances. I like to think that there’s always hope for redemption. We shot the video out at Rockaway Beach, at several locations the song is about. ‘Beach 90th’ has a psychedelic sonic quality, so we wanted to mirror that in the visual choices.”

If you’re enjoying the direction this artist took on this song, you can purchase the track soon on their Bandcamp page. Also, as a bonus treat, I caught up with the artist for a brief chat about their musical journey.

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Review: Patterns In Traffic – Lights and Reflections

The second full-length record from Patterns In Traffic is a lush, dreamy, and picturesque musical landscape through the lens of self-discovery. The band is the solo moniker of Kyle Simons, who wrote, performed, mixed, and mastered the entire LP by himself, which only speaks to his incredible dedication to his craft. The latest effort, entitled Lights and Reflections, is a nice mix of emo-tinged anthems that drift somewhere between Mae, early Jimmy Eat World, paired with the pop polish of Owl City. The promotional cycle for this record was prefaced by two EPs 2020’s Reflections and 2021’s Lights which have been combined with three additional brand-new songs to make the full artistic statement in Lights and Reflections. Patterns In Traffic are on the right course as Simons’ musical journey unfolds majestically from start to finish.

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For The Record – “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” (Album Premiere)

For The Record

Today is a great day to share the new EP from ska/punk band For The Record called Fake It ‘Til You Make It. The California band take their influence from ska legends like Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto, but they have a nice pop-punk sound that is unique to their brand of feel-good tunes. If you’re enjoying the early listen of the EP, please consider purchasing the album when it hits the streets this Friday, July 1st.

I was also able to catch up with For The Record for a brief interview about the new and exciting direction they took on their new EP.

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Damion – “Come Alive” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share the latest music video from singer/songwriter Damion, called “Come Alive.” The single comes from his forthcoming debut LP called Special Interest, that will release on July 20th via Earth Libraries. On the song, Damion shared, “This is the last song I wrote for the album. It occurred to me that most of my songs are full of augmented, major 7 chords, and other weird chord clusters I can’t even name, so I wanted to write a really simple song with only major and minor chords. I recorded a demo by myself and the music sounded so vibrant and confident that I thought I needed to write lyrics from the point of view of a bush-league character.”

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Review: Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind

It’s understandable if you weren’t able to fully connect or get into Coheed and Cambria before. Their dense stories about space odysseys and prog-tinged rock may have been a bit intimidating for casual fans to fully immerse themselves in. Luckily for fans who’d be willing to give Coheed another shot, Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind is easily their most accessible set of songs in the past decade, and would be a perfect re-launching point to dive back into the world that this band has created. And for the longtime fans who have been along for the ride since the beginning, there’s so much to enjoy on this new record that should reinvigorate interest in the space rockers for the foreseeable future. The new record was co-produced by guitarist, lead vocalist and band leader Claudio Sanchez, as well as Zakk Cervini (Blink-182, Simple Plan, Bring Me The Horizon) whose contribution helps Coheed and Cambria find the perfect balance between their trademark sound, paired with vibrant pop elements. While making an effort to expand upon the universe created in The Amory Wars story arc, Coheed have simultaneously made their best album in quite some time that demands your immediate attention.

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Canadensis – “As The Fog Swallowed The Beacon’s Light” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to share the fourth single from post-rock duo, Canadensis, from their upcoming record The Decades Apart Have Weathered Us Both, called “As the Fog Swallowed the Beacon’s Light.” The album was recorded live, with no overdubs, and only speaks to the power of the two musicians being in tune with each other to create beautiful art. Canadensis shared this about the latest single:

While the first three tracks of The Decades Apart Have Weathered Us both are from the perspective of the ego experiencing a fragmentation of the soul and the path that follows; ‘As the Fog Swallows the Beacon’s Light’ is a window into the perspective of the fragment, becoming an individual as time separates their existence from the collective. It explores a pensive space where the futility of the ritual of lighting a beacon is realized.

If you’re enjoying the direction the band took here, their new album will officially be released on July 29th.

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Review: Linkin Park – Living Things

Living Things was the fifth studio album from rap-rockers Linkin Park and would find the band doing further experimentation with their sound, and would become their fourth straight record to debut at the top of the Billboard 200. The set was co-produced by Mike Shinoda and veteran Rick Rubin, whom had previously collaborated on Minutes to Midnight and their expansive A Thousand Suns records. In a lot of ways, this album is usually the one I reach for the most when I’m looking for a quick encapsulation of everything Linkin Park did in their storied discography in a singular record. For casual fans of Linkin Park, many state that Living Things is one of their favorites, if not the favorite in their collection, and it’s easy to see why so many would gravitate to the sound they went for here. It’s very accessible, doesn’t include any filler, and delivers more often than not in a rewarding and consistent listening experience.

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Her Head’s On Fire – “Lexicon of Doubt” (Video Premiere)

Her Head's On Fire

Today is a great day to share the new music video from new rockers, Her Head’s On Fire, for their electric new single called “Lexicon of Doubt.” The band will be releasing their debut record entitled College Rock and Clove Cigarettes to make their unique stamp on the music scene. Lead vocalist Joseph Grillo had this to say about the latest single:

’Lexicon of Doubt,’ like most of my songs, is written directly to myself. They are desperate pleas to become a better person, or to finally shed the last remains of last year’s husk of skin and grow anew, open eyes, and feverishly excited like a child seeing the sunrise for the first time. Life seems to be mostly about adapting and pushing through to the next chapter. To see and overcome obstacles, to be a more improved version of yourself, or if I may be so bold to quote myself from my youth, to ‘learn to struggle.’

If you’re enjoying the new and exciting direction Her Head’s On Fire went with, you can pre-order their debut album here.

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Review: The Used – The Used

I’m not quite sure when my fondness for a band called The Used started. I seem to remember hearing about a hyped band, from an article in Alternative Press, where producer and Goldfinger founder John Feldman was gushing over this band that he helped get signed to a major label. The Used were comprised of lead singer Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, drummer Branden Steineckert and guitarist Quinn Allman, and their incredible band chemistry was able to capture early and inescapable magic on their self-titled debut. The first track that I ever heard from The Used was “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” from a Warped Tour compilation, and it became increasingly evident to me that this band demanded to be taken seriously. The lead single from their debut LP was an abrasive, wall of sound effort that captured a punk rock spirit paired with screamo vocals that many other bands would emulate later in our scene. The Used would go on to sell over a million copies in the United States and cement the band’s legacy as one of the emo/punk scene’s primary front-runners.

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The Other Each Other – “Heads” (Song Premiere)

The Other Each Other

Today I’m excited to share the latest single from The Other Each Other called “Heads.” The song comes from the band’s new album Mirror Memorials that will be released on June 24th, and sounds like a mix between Phantogram and Ty Segall. The band comes from the mind of Joel Finch, and the single tackles the theme of being trapped inside our homes during the pandemic, while feeling like that experience is a luxury to have. Finch mentioned, “Note to self: all the problems you spend too long trying to solve daily are inconsequential. You will look back and not remember them. You might just remember what you did instead, possibly outside. Also, your dog wants to go on a walk.” If you’re enjoying the direction that this artist took on the latest single, you can purchase the new song starting tomorrow here.

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Interview: Los Saints

Los Saints

Recently I was able to catch up with lead vocalist, Angel Marshal, of the Latin-infused alternative rock band called Los Saints. In this interview, I asked him about the band’s core influences that they put into their new EP called Welcome To Confusion, how the band does the majority of their songwriting, as well as a fun question about the albums that shaped who Los Saints are as musicians.

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Review: Our Lady Peace – Gravity

The creative circumstances surrounding Our Lady Peace and their fifth studio album, Gravity, were tumultuous to say the least. Longtime guitarist Mike Turner was having creative differences with lead singer and band leader Raine Maida, and although he appears on nearly half of the songs on this record, Turner would eventually be replaced by Steve Mazur by the time the album was released. Maida was quoted in interviews by saying, “I don’t know if Mike was born to be a guitar player. The studio was a tough place for him and we were working too hard to make up for it – we felt like we were cheating ourselves. Four albums is way too fucking long to put up with that. I’m sure he’ll do great things, just not with six-stringed instruments.” Out of this conflict, however, would come some of the band’s best material since their landmark Clumsy record. Gravity was front-loaded with superb singles like “Somewhere Out There,” where the lyrics in the chorus inspired the record title, and crowd favorite, “Innocent.” By the time the promotional cycle had ended, Gravity would go on to sell over half a million copies in the U.S. alone.

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Katrina Ford – “I’m Found” (Video Premiere)

Katrina Ford

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest music video from Katrina Ford, a great singer and songwriter who will be releasing her debut solo and self-titled EP this Friday via Violin Films. For those unfamiliar with the artist, Ford channels the creativity of Fiona Apple paired with the earnest hooks of Purity Ring into a package that feels refreshing and unique at the same time. On this single called “I’m Found,” she shared, “”Home in my heart at last! This song was written as one thought over the course of a few hours, later the details fell into place. It’s about finally feeling safe in your heart. Feeling a connection to Creator. After much adversity and a long hard few years, we finally felt like we had found level.” I was also able to catch up with Katrina Ford for a quick chat about her music.

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D’Arcy – “Ecstasy” (Song Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share the latest single from electronic pop artist D’Arcy for her new song entitled “Ecstasy.” The artist recently released her debut EP Hard To Kill last year, and has since earned over 1 million streams on Spotify. Her unique brand of bedroom pop paired with frenetic beats showcases the breadth of her abilities to convey wide ranges of emotions through her music. On this latest song, D’Arcy shared, “Ecstasy’ is about the fine line between pleasure and pain; the concept for the song derived from the feeling of being at a party and wondering what everyone else there is trying to escape from, if anything at all.” If you’re enjoying the direction she took on this track, you can pre-save it here.

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