Butch Walker

Butch Walker

Rumors of Green Day and Butch Walker Working Together

Some Green Day fans are starting to speculate that the band may be working with Butch Walker, the case has been laid out over at Green Day Authority:

In a post on Green Day’s Reddit forum, u/jinxpoetry dug deeper into the Butch Walker connection noting that in a video he posted to his Instagram from a recording studio, you can see what appears to be Tre Cool’s drum set (along with Walker singing “making records is very, very fun”), the video was liked by both Tre and his wife.

Review: Butch Walker – Sycamore Meadows

Few albums can put a smile on my face as quickly as Sycamore Meadows.

That’s probably an odd thing to say, since Sycamore Meadows is not, by most metrics, a happy album. Butch Walker’s fourth solo LP was birthed in part from the California wildfires that destroyed his home, most of his possessions, and the master tapes for every song he’d ever recorded up to that point. The songs catalog breakups, painful journeys of self-discovery, and the record business being irreversibly fucked. The album’s last track is a sobering piano ballad that bears one of the most emotional vocal performances Butch ever put on tape.

And yet, Sycamore Meadows still makes me smile.

Butch Walker – “Arden’s Song (After I’m Gone)”

A rare track from Butch Walker called “Arden’s Song (After I’m Gone)” has made its way online. The rumored story behind the song is pretty heartbreaking:

I don’t think he publicly released it, but it’s been shared around some of the Butch Walker fan communities on Facebook and stuff. Apparently he wrote it from the perspective of a little girl who died of a brain tumor. The girl’s uncle put it up on YouTube, so I’m guessing it’s a family Butch knows personally.

Butch Walker Announces New Tour

Butch Walker has unveiled some new tour dates and announced he’s working on a new album.

That being said, I’ve been kindly keeping my head buried in lots of projects, records being produced for other fun artists (Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Struts, Rob Thomas, Andrew Mcmahon, Matt Nathanson, and more coming), doing a lot of charity shows for some causes near and dear, and..STARTING A NEW RECORD OF MY OWN!

Review: Butch Walker – Stay Gold

Butch Walker - Stay Gold

“I don’t know what to write about after this record. I’m saying it all. The well is tapped. Maybe no more albums after this one.”

Butch Walker tweeted those words in January of this year, stoking rumors that his then-still-untitled 2016 album might be his last. I don’t expect Walker to follow through with this particular threat. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from almost 12 years of holding Butch to be my favorite artist, it’s that the guy has an incredible, incessant love for music. He’s the kind of guy who would retire and then be antsy to get back into the studio after a month. If Stay Gold does end up being the last Butch Walker album, though, then it’s sure as shit the right kind of album to go out with. 2016 has been a dark year in a lot of ways, and just reading through the headlines these days is enough to make even the most sensible person want to stick their head in the sand. But Stay Gold is all brash guitars and sunny optimism, a quintessential summer record that stands as this year’s most celebratory work. Rarely has Butch’s love for music, lyrics, stories, and guitar solos been on such gleeful display. Frankly, this is the kind of life-affirming album we need right now. At least, it’s the one I needed.

Butch Walker – “Descending”

Butch Walker has released his new song, “Descending,” at the Wall Street Journal. You can stream that below. The song also features Ashley Monroe.

Walker and Monroe first met when she did a guest vocal for an album he was producing. The two hit it off, remained in touch, and vowed to write a song together. On a recent flight to Los Angeles, Monroe and Walker were texting “about the struggle of survival,” when the plane started making its landing.

Butch Walker – “Stay Gold”

Butch Walker’s new song “Stay Gold” can be heard below via Rolling Stone. His new, really-damn-good, album of the same name will be out on August 26th.

“The line in the song is, ‘In a world so black and white, boy, stay gold,'” continues Walker, “and that, to me, sums up where we are right now. Not to get political or anything, but it’s just everything is black and white — there’s no gray area. So, if there’s any advice I can give anybody it’s just to have their own fucking opinion.”