Cassino – “Rose of Lee” (Song Premiere)


Cassino will be releasing their new EP, Bottlenecker, on May 27th and today I’m excited to premiere the new song “Rose of Lee” from it. You’ll find that below and can pre-order the album on iTunes. Nick, talking about the song said:

This song was the first one written after Kingprince. We had some of the same guys who played on Kingprince jam on this record. They tour with bigger pop-country acts, so it’s entertaining to let them loose and see what they come up with. Their understanding of the mathematics of music is interesting to me because they hear the songs sometimes at a different angle. We recorded this record in my friend’s log cabin north of Nashville in the snake infested woods of Smiley Hollow. It had two creeks and was fairly quiet most of the time. Ed said there was a wolf like creature haunting the woods around the house, and the dogs wouldn’t go outside. I came to the conclusion it was maybe some version of Ed’s soul haunting himself. Or a malamute.

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Review: Cassino – Sounds of Salvation

Cassino - Sounds of Salvation

There were few band breakups in the modern music scene that jerked more tears than that of Northstar. When the Pollyanna-crafting artists hung it up in 2005, there was a collective sense of shock, disbelief, and overarching sadness left to be swallowed by the band’s many fans. Luckily enough, for Nick Torres and Tyler Odom, the breakup of Northstar was just the dissolution of a band they felt was no longer making a relevant style of music. The scene ended up losing the moniker as well as the group’s style of sardonic, thoughtful rock, but the gifts of Torres and Odom have lingered to give birth to Cassino, the duo’s new brainchild, which arrives with the most satisfying of results.

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