Converge Drummers Suffers “Freak Accident”


Ben Koller, the drummer of Converge, suffered a freak elbow accident. A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for medical costs:

His injury required immediate surgery with an extended recovery period before he’s able to start physical therapy, and ultimately a long road before he is able to be behind the kit again. The accruing medical bills – as well as the impending loss of steady income through touring, writing and recording – is a massive hit to him, his wife, and their children.

Interview: Jacob Bannon of Converge


Axe to Fall has just been getting rave reviews. You guys have certainly cemented yourselves into that hardcore band, surviving about two decades now. What do you have to say about that?

I guess you can say that. I don’t really know. It’s flattering when people say that. It doesn’t effect us as a band. It doesn’t drive us as a band. It doesn’t change the way we perceive our music, and how we write music. We just think of ourselves as four guys from Massachusetts who play music we enjoy…If it’s influential and people appreciate it, that’s cool. If it’s not, that’s okay too. We just want to play stuff that’s truly meaningful to us. That moves us. Songs about our lives and our experiences that challenge us. Anything outside of that is not that important.

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