Alice Glass Awarded Nearly $21,000 in Attorney Fees

Alice Glass


A judge has handed Alice Glass (real name: Margaret Osborn) another pair of courtroom victories in an ongoing dispute with her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath (real name: Claudio Palmieri). At a hearing on Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Samantha Jessner denied a motion from Kath’s lawyers seeking to vacate the dismissal earlier this year of his defamation lawsuit against Glass. In addition, Jessner awarded Glass a total of $20,882.69 in attorney fees and costs.

Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath Sues Alice Glass

Alice Glass

TMZ is reporting that Ethan Kath has sued former Crystal Castles’ bandmate Alice Glass:

Ethan Kath, a member of the band Crystal Castles, has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former member who claimed he raped her.

Ethan had dated Alice Glass — then a member of the duo — but they broke up and Glass went on the attack. She claimed he stole royalties from her, and then she started making rumblings he was physically and sexually abusive. According to the defamation lawsuit, Ethan’s fired off a cease and desist letter and she backed down.