Dad Hats – “Claustrophobia” (Video Premiere)

Dad Hats

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest video from Dad Hats called “Claustrophobia,” and share the news of their vinyl releases. After Dad Hats released Spill in February of 2023, the first pressing of the physical copies quickly sold out and – despite a run up that included several singles – there was one song that had been an obvious fan favorite that didn’t have a corresponding music video. To celebrate the second pressing of Spill on vinyl, the band announced a limited edition 7″ and a music video for their next single: “Claustrophobia.” “Claustrophobia” is a poppy little thing that hits close to home for anyone feeling suffocated by an endless cycle of work and obligations. Throughout the song, Dad Hats’ signature blend of overly honest introspection, woven guitars, and catchy melodies are on prominent display. It also serves as a must-listen for anyone who wants to have some friends over for a first world self-pity party. The seven inch features an acoustic B-side of “Brain In A Jar,” and this song is currently exclusive to only this limited edition vinyl pressing. You can purchase Spill here and the 7″ record here.

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