Review: Daphne Loves Derby – Good Night, Witness Light

Daphne Loves Derby - Good Night, Witness Light

Believe me; I’m well aware what I am getting myself into by reviewing Daphne Loves Derby’s newest. There is a clear and present divide on this band and for good reason. Their early development in the maturity department, to an extent that surpasses bands twice their age, is an instant attraction to some. With that maturity, however, comes a fairly uninteresting byproduct in some cases and this being one of them. Their execution just can’t juggle it, unfortunately. Good Night, Witness Light is more or less a slightly modified revision of the same material these guys have been cranking out since ‘03. There is some slight newfound clarity in various instances, but not enough for those who found nothing of interest on On the Strength of All Convinced. Those who got off to the band’s first proper full-length, however, are more than likely going to be surprised with what this Seattle trio has crafted this time around. 

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