New Interview With Dave Hause

Dave Hause

Dying Scene sat down with Dave Hause to talk about his new album:

Our shit’s fucked up, and yet we persist being human! For me, I just had kids, so I don’t really get to…(sighs) it’s a very dangerous proposition to look at the glass as either half-empty or filled with piss! (both laugh*) Maybe that could be true, but I can’t really afford to ruminate on that. I have to come up with a reason to look toward the shore despite feeling I or we, collectively, are drowning. I have to. At this point, it’s a job as I have as a dad. But, to some degree, I’ve always had that job. I’ve been a brother and a husband and a friend and a songwriter. I’m supposed to try to be of some good use to people. That’s, I think, what the search on the record is; yeah, our shit’s fucked up, but what are we going to do?