Sergio Vega Leaves Deftones


Sergio Vega, long time bassist for Deftones, has left the band.

COVID was a breaking point for a lot of people, and I started to question my place in the band and the future that I wanted for my career. I really started to need something stable because at that point, my contract with them was canceled. One day, I got a call from the guys about an internal band situation, and they asked me if I was solid and that I would have to fly out to LA to help work it out right away. I said of course, I was all in, and we can handle my situation later. But I can’t go back to my old contract. Our respective management had a conversation to discuss a new contract, and they offered me the same deal. 

At that point, it was clear there was no opportunity for growth for me, so I declined the offer

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New Deftones Album Coming Soon


Kerrang went into the studio with Deftones to talk about their upcoming album. It’s apparently called Ohms and due on September 25th.

Kerrang! can corroborate this. While we’re not at liberty to reveal full details yet, the first single is a gargantuan addition to Deftones’ library. Chino, always a soft-spoken, laidback interviewee, can’t hide his excitement when he remembers the first time it came into his life – via email.

Deftones to Reissue ‘White Pony’ With Bonus Alternative Album


Deftones will be reissuing White Pony later this year with second disc, called Black Stallion, featuring new remixes. Consequence of Sound reports:

Deftones participated in a virtual press conference with several media outlets on Wednesday, discussing the 20th anniversary of their landmark album White Pony. One of the newsy bits to come out of the chat was that the band plans to release a deluxe edition of the 2000 album with a bonus alternate disc of brand-new remixes dubbed “Black Stallion”.

Deftones Complete New Album


Deftones have revealed they’ve completed work on a new album:

“We actually tracked everything over the summer, last summer — June and July — we were in the studio tracking,” said Cunningham. “But we actually just completed everything. … We were down in L.A. recording, but we mixed up in Seattle.”

He added, “We’re working with our old pal Terry Date, who did a bunch of our earlier records and stuff, too. He’s up there [in Seattle] with this whole distancing thing; it was a bit rough, but we figured out a way to kind of do the mixes without being there.”