Good Riddance Bassist Hospitalized

Good Riddance

Good Riddance’s bassist, Chuck Platt, was hospitalized after being hit by a car. A GoFundMe has been created:

While Chuck gratefully does not have any life-threatening injuries, he has sustained life-altering injuries that will have a significant impact to him physically and financially. Chuck was airlifted to a Bay Area Hospital where he is currently being treated. Chuck sustained the following injuries: right ankle break, left knee injury, broken collar bone, and lacerations to his face and hands. His right ankle and knee injuries were extensive and will require surgery(s) and rehabilitation.  

GoFundMe Launched for Naked Raygun’s Pierre Kezdy


A GoFundMe has been launched for Naked Raygun bassist Pierre Kezdy:

For the past five years, Pierre has battled numerous medical issues, including multiple forms of cancer, which left Pierre unable to work. His family (wife Heather and 4 kids ages 12, 16, 18, and 20) has struggled to keep up with the escalating medical costs. Anyone who knows Pierre personally knows he is a gentle, compassionate,  courageous, and generous person.  He has always shared the best of himself with friends, family, and fans, now it is our time to reciprocate.  

Converge Drummers Suffers “Freak Accident”


Ben Koller, the drummer of Converge, suffered a freak elbow accident. A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for medical costs:

His injury required immediate surgery with an extended recovery period before he’s able to start physical therapy, and ultimately a long road before he is able to be behind the kit again. The accruing medical bills – as well as the impending loss of steady income through touring, writing and recording – is a massive hit to him, his wife, and their children.

Go Radio’s Drummer Diagnosed With Cancer

Go Radio

Go Radio’s drummer Steven Kopacz has cancer. A GoFundMe has been started in his name:

Steve is my best friend. He has a long path to recovery ahead of him. So many people have reached out with their kind thoughts, prayers, love and words of encouragement. Overwhelming amounts of people have asked if there is anything they can do to help. I wanted to start this fundraiser to give that opportunity.

Steve has the monumental task of healing ahead of him. I am hopeful that through this fundraiser we can raise enough money to take that burden off him so he can focus all of his good vibes and energy towards his body.

Memorial Fund Set Up for Chris Avis

Chris Avis, a well known music videographer, passed away a few day ago. A GoFundMe has been set up to raise funds for a memorial:

To honor his memory, we’re setting up this GoFundMe as something positive at a time of terrible darkness. With the blessing of his family, we’re asking that anyone also feeling at a loss to channel those feelings into something good that Chris would appreciate, raising money for the Bakersfield High School Drillers athletics program. Beyond music, everyone knows how deeply he loved coaching basketball, having also played in high school himself under the current BHS varsity coach, so it felt like the best way to honor him.