Good Charlotte

Joel Madden Talks With Forbes

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte talked with Forbes about life in quarantine:

I feel like the only message I have that matters right now is that we are really all in this together. The only thing we can do is hope for the best for one another, help each other when we can, take care of our families, and hang in there until we are on the other side of this. If we can all do our part and hopefully reach out to one another when we need support, I think when we get through this we are all stronger.

Joel Madden Talk With Kerrang

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte talked with Kerrang:

Good Charlotte have never compromised who we are. We’ve survived. It’s almost like the music business had all these big extinctions – like climate change or something – and we survived all those changeovers. To still be making the music that we’re making, and still be together over two decades later, and still love each other, is a huge accomplishment. It wasn’t always easy not knowing what the future held for us, when everyone’s telling you that, ‘It’s over,’ or, ‘Music’s changed now,’ or, ‘This doesn’t age well.’ But we stuck it out together, we followed our hearts, and we landed in a place where we’re happy to be. I once thought it was over, and it now feels like it’s only just getting started.

Review: Good Charlotte – Generation Rx

Good Charlotte - Generation RX

Over the past few years, I have found it easier to defend my adoration for Good Charlotte, even after many critics had written them off after the multi-platinum success of The Young & the Hopeless. Good Charlotte is continuing to find ways to reinvent themselves in the latter stages of their career, and their seventh full-length album entitled Generation Rx is no exception. Coming off of two commercially successful albums (Cardiology and Youth Authority) after a lengthy hiatus is no small feat, and the fact that many fans have stayed with the band over their lengthy career shows the staying power of the Waldorf, Maryland natives.