Lucky Boys Confusion – ‘Stormchasers’ (Album Premiere)

Lucky Boys Confusion

I bought Lucky Boys Confusion’s Throwing the Game on a whim because an online friend told me it had a unique pop-punk meets reggae sound with hooks all over the place. It was my senior year of high-school and that was more than enough to get me to spend my lunch money on an album. I loved it. Now, some 16 years later the band are releasing their first new album in over 10 years and we’ve got an exclusive stream for you to check out. Lead singer, Kaustubh Pandav, describes the album as a concept album that was discovered only after its recording:

Sometimes you just have to reflect back on your art to see what your subconscious mind has been trying to create. It wasn’t until we got to take breath and were able to listen back to this record that we realized that we had just created a concept record. A story of how tragedy and loss lead to strength and courage in hopes to find a little peace of mind. We hope everyone can relate at least to a part of our story.

The album comes out on April 14th and you can pick it up on the band’s webstore. And, if you’re in the Chicago area, the band’s record release show is this Saturday at House of Blues.

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Lucky Boys Confusion’s ‘Throwing the Game’ Turns 15

Lucky Boys Confusion

Lucky Boys Confusion’s Throwing The Game turned fifteen this week.

Within months of TTG’s release, 9/11 changed the county forever (beginning our still-ongoing “infinite-war”- era), and in-terms of entertainment, Napster and P2P file-sharing services had essentially obliterated the version of the music industry we grew up with, and that major-labels were still trying to work within the confines of – single-handedly overturning the notion that people should pay any form of premium for recorded music. So, in many ways, the release of TTG feels to me more like an end of something, than a beginning. Weird, right?

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