Lucky Boys Confusion’s ‘Throwing the Game’ Turns 15

Lucky Boys Confusion

Lucky Boys Confusion’s Throwing The Game turned fifteen this week.

Within months of TTG’s release, 9/11 changed the county forever (beginning our still-ongoing “infinite-war”- era), and in-terms of entertainment, Napster and P2P file-sharing services had essentially obliterated the version of the music industry we grew up with, and that major-labels were still trying to work within the confines of – single-handedly overturning the notion that people should pay any form of premium for recorded music. So, in many ways, the release of TTG feels to me more like an end of something, than a beginning. Weird, right?

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Review: Lucky Boys Confusion – How To Get Out Alive EP

Lucky Boys Confusion - How To Get Out Alive EP

With the implosion of Elektra Records, Lucky Boys Confusion found themselves without a label and bursting with creative energy. The Illinois quintet formed their own imprint, Townstyle Records, in the meantime, and decided to record a 5-track EP titled How To Get Out Alive. Lucky Boys Confusion thrives off grandiose, sugary hooks and edgy instrumental parts, make no mistake about it. The band plays pop punk, but it has a little something extra to set this EP apart from those generic contemporaries of theirs. The lyrics are insightful, powerful, and well written; something you rarely see on a pop punk disc of any length. 

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