Why I Deleted the Recent Makeout Video Post


On Tuesday I posted the new video for a band called Makeout here on the website. I had posted about the band before, they’re on Rise Records, they recorded an album with John Feldmann, and the first single sounded like pretty standard pop-punk music that people like. So, I posted the new video without even listening to the song.

That was a mistake.

Not long after, I checked the forums and I saw people commenting on the lyrical content. I clicked over to the YouTube channel and read the lyrics. They’re disgusting sexist bullshit. (Also, the song sucks.) I deleted the news post from this site and won’t be posting about this album again. I debated if I wanted to write a post explaining this because I knew it would draw more attention to the song, and because I know the exact responses that will come from a certain type of internet commenter. However, I think it’s important to speak out about this kind of bullshit when we see it in our music scene. I hope that the band take some time to listen to the criticism coming their way right now and think about what kind of musicians and artists they want to be. (So far, it seems to be going about as I expected.) If any member wants to reach out to me privately, I’d be happy to explain my thoughts in more detail and what I think they should do going forward. You all look relatively young, you can do the right thing here and be better.

And, on that note: I recommend following Megan Thompson and Anna Acosta on Twitter for more, and I’m sorry that I let this video slip through when I posted it the first time.