Meet Me @ The Altar Sign With Fueled by Ramen

Meet Me at the Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar have signed with Fueled by Ramen Records:

”Them coming together through YouTube Fueled By Ramen covers felt very serendipitous,” Minardi says. “Every time I would have a conversation with them, they would tell me a tidbit about their biggest inspirations or doing drum covers of Paramore. I kept being like, ‘This is the most obvious thing in the world in the best way possible: To connect and go and try to take on the world together.'”

The week “Garden” was released, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and The Wonder Years’ Dan “Soupy” Campbell both reached out to Minardi to ask whether he’d signed the band yet. He told them he was working on it. “The band fits so much into the classic, vintage Fueled By Ramn sound, but is also moving it forward,” he says. “They add this mixture of other cool stuff, including these incredible breakdowns and melodies.”

Great signing. Great band.

They’ve also released a video for “Garden.”

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