Morrissey Cancels Show

Morrissey canceled an outdoor show in California over the weekend because the on stage heater broke and it was too cold.

I’m wondering if “Morrissey cancels” are the two words I’ve typed together the most often over the course of writing about music. Probably.

Morrissey is Mad Again

Morrissey is mad that HMV put “one per customer” stickers on The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” vinyl single:

This sticker was not requested by ​t​he Smiths, and cannot be found on any other HMV stock, and therefore exists for “The Queen Is Dead” only.

But why is it there?

An attempt to freeze sales is, of course, an overwhelming insult to the Smiths … as if artistic freedom must struggle in our current culture of banality … as if only counterfeit emotions ​may ​apply.

Or maybe it’s so someone doesn’t buy a bunch and put them on eBay and fans can’t get them in stores? I dunno, just a guess.