MxPx Break Down New Album


MxPx talked about their new album with Alternative Press:

The songs were chosen based on what fit together. There are some great songs that we didn’t end up putting on the record or recording. But we try to get to having a theme, having something people can parse into themes without actually saying it out loud because then you really make your whole thing about that. And really it’s about whatever people want it to be. The songs will find people in their lives in different places. So I don’t know if we really overthink it to that degree or if I’m just thinking about it now. Like with the artwork, Find a Way Home, all of that. We could tell a deeper story, and I think we will, but just put some images out there. Is he in space, or is he on Earth? Honestly, it could be both. You just don’t know exactly. Sure, it’s in space or a spaceship or something. But maybe he’s going back to Earth, [or] maybe he’s coming from Earth.