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Now, Now Announce New Album; Stream New Song

Now, Now will release their new album, Saved, on May 18th. Today they’ve debuted the new song, “AZ,” via Fader along with a new interview with the band:

“We’ve never had a summer-feeling album before, and I wanted it out to come out in the summer,” Brad says, and Saved certainly does sound like prime festival-season music — the kind of album that’s all but guaranteed to propel Now, Now to greater heights of visibility than ever before. Ironic, perhaps, when considering that the pressures of impending success made the album nearly impossible to complete.

You can stream the song below and read the full press release. Pre-orders will be up soon. Oh, and don’t sleep on this band and album. Trust me on that one.

Now, Now and Kevin Devine Discuss Mental Health

Anna Acosta sat down with Now, Now and Kevin Devine to talk about mental health:

My biggest problem is that if I don’t want to feel something, I don’t feel something. I’ll just be like, I’m not going there right now. I have too many things to do. And I’ll just compartmentalize and not deal with whatever it is, but in order to be able to write I have to access every emotional part of my brain. So when we’re writing, if I’ve been doing that lately, if we’ve been dealing with a lot of stress or if something’s been going on in my personal life, it’ll come out when we’re writing.

Now, Now Talk About Their New Album

Now, Now recently sat down with Stereogum:

For us to be in a happy and healthy writing environment, we just need Brad and I. It’s hard for anyone else to be in that situation. It’s harder for us and harder for them because what we have is so developed already. With someone else involved, we can’t do the sort of thing where we say No, I don’t like this because it hurts their feelings. Which is totally understandable, but it feels like more work and more energy when you have to tip-toe around each other. It’s harder when there are other people in the mix because it’s more people to please and more people to emotionally take care of. Unless you’re going into a situation with the mindset of everyone’s being open here and no one’s feelings are getting hurt — and there are obviously situations where you can go into it like that — but for this project it’s hard for someone else to be involved and it’s harder for us because it’s tough… This is what we have.