Planes Mistaken for Stars Vocalist Diagnosed With Cancer

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Gared O’Donnell, the frontman for Planes Mistaken for Stars, has been diagnosed with stage three esophagus cancer. A GoFundMe has set up to raise money for his family.

Gared and his family are also working on finding resources that might offer saving his voice, which many of you know is one of his true loves with singing in his band Planes Mistaken for Stars. This is a huge blow to him and his family but they are taking it head on / day by day as Gared does and he is going to fight the fight. 

The Epic Life and Tragic Death of Matt Bellinger

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Jason Heller, writing about the passing of Planes Mistaken for Stars’ Matt Bellinger:

A basic obituary isn’t enough to sum up a life, let alone one that had as much impact as Matt’s.

When I met Matt in 1998, I had yet to even dream of being a journalist. Back then, I worked the cash register at Wax Trax, while Matt and the other members of Planes lived in Peoria, Illinois, where they had grown up. Their singer-guitarist, Gared O’Donnell, visited Denver frequently in the ’90s to see his mom, who lived in Colorado.

Reports That Matt Bellinger of Planes Mistaken for Stars Has Passed Away

Planes Mistaken for Stars

PunkNews is reporting that Matt Bellinger of Planes Mistaken for Stars has passed away:

Strike Anywhere stated, “RIP Matt Bellinger. Devastated to hear of his passing. Planes Mistaken For Stars played an integral part to the early years of Strike Anywheres existence. Kindred spirits and fellow travelers all the way. So many great shows and great memories. Much love to Gared, Mike, Jamie, Chuck and Neil. xoxo”