Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man


Portugal. The Man Talk With Billboard

Portugal. The Man talked with Billboard about their hit “Feel It Still:”

It comes down to the way our political parties work where it’s basically football teams. If you’re not on Team Trump, you’re on Team Hillary and it’s such a ridiculous way to look at politics and to look at the way we’re voting. I’ll talk shit all day long but at the end of the day I don’t want to vote for anybody. I don’t feel strongly for either one of those people. So many of my friends were for Bernie all the way and said, ‘If he doesn’t get it, I’m not voting.’ It’s a ridiculous process. The fact at all that Bernie had to run as a Democrat is kind of what the song is about.

InfoWars Is Now Feuding With “Pro-Soros Rockers” Portugal. The Man

Andy Cush, writing for Spin:

The video for Portugal. The Man’s new single “Feel It Still” features a bar fight, some old guys on motorcycles, a couple getting hot and heavy in the back of a junked car, and a man setting fire to a newspaper labeled “Info Wars.” It’s this last bit, predictably, that has the right-wing conspiracy theorists of America in a tizzy.

I was sorta hoping to never actually post about the giant screaming tomato that is Alex Jones. Alas.