PUP Talks With Stereogum

PUP’s Stefan Babcock talked with Stereogum:

It’s probably a bit early to say, but my mentality with this band is always, keep it quirky, keep it loud. Just try really hard to be a no-bullshit kind of band. We’re actually making the music that we want to make. We’ve all fallen into the trap with other bands that we’ve played in, that it’s easy to start writing music that maybe you aren’t stoked on just because you feel like that’s the logical next step.

PUP in Brooklyn, NY

PUP recently completed their “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” tour in celebration of their exceptional new record The Dream Is Over. They completed the tour by making a stop at the legendary Music Hall of Williamsburg for an electrifying, reckless, and pulverizing show. I was lucky enough to attend the last night of their tour and you can check below for some photos from the show.