Sponsor: Sleepingbagzzz Release New Song “Unsubscribed”


Sleepingbagzzz has released the new pop-punk song “Unsubscribed.” Talking about the song, and meaning behind it, the artist shared:

After witnessing a non-stop cycle of abuse, I decided to cut off a long-term friendship. Surprisingly, the most emotionally challenging moment was when I picked up my phone, went straight to his social media profiles and systemically unfollowed, unfriended, and unsubscribed from each one.

“Unsubscribed” is a song that scares me to release. Every time I show it to someone, I’m self-conscious that they will think I’m vapid for the integral role that social media apparently plays in my life. I’m uncomfortable to share such a real, vulnerable moment with an important relationship that went as poorly as it could have. I’m scared that he’ll hear it and what his reaction will be.

But ultimately, “Unsubscribed” says exactly how I feel: I’m sick of this non-stop cycle of abuse that hurts not only me, but the people in my orbit, so I’m going to put an end to it.

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