Super Whatevr Explains Mark Hoppus Collab

Mark Hoppus

Skyler McKee of Super Whatevr talked with Rock Sound about how the Mark Hoppus collaboration came about.

I tweeted in response to one of his tweets. I was just like ‘We should make a song’ and he was like ‘OK, hit my DMs’. Then the next thing I know I’m driving to get…I thought we were getting coffee but we got matcha. Then we drove to his little home studio and made a cool thing. It literally just happened.

”We were going to have two days but we ended up having one because his wife planned something for his birthday. So we had one day and I was like ‘I need the song to be done’. So I brought half the chorus and was just hellbent on finishing in that day. A lot of them were rough takes but we made it work.

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