The Matches

The Matches

Kickstarter for The Matches Documentary Close to Goal

This Kickstarter for a documentary about The Matches is really close to its goal, figured I’d give it a little signal boost for any fans that may not have seen it yet:

Bleeding Audio is a feature-length documentary featuring The Matches, a band from Oakland, CA, who experienced a meteoric rise in the mid-2000s, signing with Epitaph Records, and quickly putting out 3 records produced by the likes of Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Nick Hexum (311), Mark Hoppus (blink-182), and John Feldmann (Goldfinger).

Review: The Matches – Decomposer

The Matches - Decomposer

This review was written in 2006 and originally published on It has been very minimally edited before being republished.

I am going to be up-front with you right now: This band is not for everyone. In fact, there are a good many of you that are going to straight up hate this album. There are quite a few reading this that would probably rather place nails in their ears than ever listen to this band. I, however, am not one of those people. In fact – I think this is one of the best albums to be released this year and one of the most creative and innovative bands to be creating pop/punk/rock music in our, or any, genre.